Looking for an SEO Agency in Manchester?

Here at LDM Digital,  our proven search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns are designed to help local businesses. They involve months of hard work, dedication and are tried and tested.  As a Manchester SEO Agency, we focus on the main areas which are used to enhance your website to be more user friendly, mobile friendly and Google friendly.

We believe that an SEO agency should not only show the improvements but also show what work they have implemented each month as well. A monthly report is created, analysed and then sent out to show how well your SEO campaign is performing and includes the following information:

  • The number of visitors your website has received
  • The number of contact forms completed
  • The best performing keywords
  • The locations where your customers are coming from
  • What devices visitors are using most

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of maximising the number of visitors through using various techniques to ensure your website is easily found on Search Engines such as Google.

SEO allows your website to be found when potential customers search specific search terms relevant to your business. For example, here are the search terms that an accounting firm in Leigh, Greater Manchester asked us to to rank them for in Google (which are now in the top 3 positions):

  • Accounting services in Leigh
  • Accounting in Leigh
  • Accountant services in Leigh

Google has set guidelines that they like to encourage websites to follow in order to rank higher in the search results. Here at LDM Digital, we follow these guidelines and use them when implementing our techniques to optimise your website.

The amount of visitors your website generates can determine how well your monthly sales report becomes. An effective SEO campaign allows local businesses to compete with their rivals, no matter what the size. Companies that are easily found on search engines, increase their chance of potential customers finding them. Even the smallest business can reach their desired audience by marketing in their local area!

Having a company website that is well SEO optimised along with unique & professionally written content allows your website to:

  • Be prioritised by Google over your competitors
  • Quickly move further up the Google search results
  • Receive more visitors every month leading to increased sales

Google uses software (or spiders as they are commonly known as) to crawl across the internet and store information. That information is then used to answer the queries that potential customers type into Google. We ensure that when these spiders come to your website, they receive the right information to push your website further up the Google search results.

SEO is an investment that all local businesses need to invest in. From as little as £100 per month, we are able to increase your companies position in the search results.

Our SEO campaigns are designed to:

  • Build your brand awareness
  • Increase your customers
  • Improve your sales

All campaigns are tailored specifically to your company. We have a proven record which shows that our SEO techniques not only work, but work well.

If you’ve had SEO work done in the past, we can build on the positive effects, or help you to overcome any unplanned negative outcomes you may have suffered along the way. For more information on how to overcome ‘negative SEO’, take a look at How to remove your unnatural inbound links

Do you know what your SEO agency is doing for you?

If you are not on the 1st page on Google, the number of clicks your website receives will be minimal. 33% of users click on the website which is position 1. So that is what we always aim to achieve! Once we manage to push your business to that number 1 position in Google, we will then look to optimise your conversion rate, in order to improve the number of enquiries your website receives each month.

There are many companies out there that pay a monthly fee and yet do not actually know what they receive for their money and no idea on what is actually being done behind the scenes. This is where LDM Digital is different. Along with a monthly report, we provide a list of activities showing exactly what our team have accomplished that month. LDM Digital has a tried and tested method for our SEO campaigns and this is broken down into sections:

Keyword Research: This is the first and one of the most imperative steps to a successful SEO campaign. Researching both short-tail and long-tail keyword terms, keeping in-line with both budget and timeframe.

Competitor Analysis: Researching your competitors is very important when it comes to building an SEO strategy. We look at what useful tactics your competition is utilising and look to build on even further on your own website.

On-site Optimisation: This is the most crucial part to an SEO campaign. With the initial work being developed at the beginning, giving your website that initial boost in Google that it needs. Our on-page optimisation techniques include improving your: Title tags, meta descriptions, headings, URL’s, Alt tags, anchor text and images. All in which will help your website rank well in Google for your targeted keyword phrases.

Content Management: Unique and high quality content is what allows your website to rank well in Google. Without this in place, then your website will struggle to climb up the search results. Our team at our SEO agency will work together with you to generate the most well written and optimised content for each page for your website.

Web Analytics: Google Analytics is a great marketing tool that we use to determine how successful your SEO campaign really is. Monitoring the number of visitors along side keyword rankings is a great way for us to determine how to utilise your budget best.

On-going Strategy: Link building, content creation, and social media are just a few ways in which we continue to develop an on-going SEO strategy and build up your rankings further.

We are one of the leading SEO agency in Manchester!

With years of experience in optimising websites for a plethora of clients for over five years, our Search engine optimisation team are second to none. We have a vast portfolio of clients which you can look at with a click of a button if you head over to our portfolio section.

No matter how large or small your project may be, our SEO team are dedicated to over achieving your given goals. We ensure that our clients not only receive an excellent SEO service, we offer support and advice free of charge to help our clients flourish on the web.

LDM Digital SEO Specialists

Our LDM SEO specialists, specialise in a range of techniques and processes which have been crafted over years of experience to ensure that our clients obtain the maximum results for their campaign.

LDM Digital is an established SEO agency which combines detailed knowledge of your customers needs while having a deep understanding of the signals that the major search engines like Google and Yahoo use to measure engagement, performance and relevance of your website.

With an eagle eyed approach and our years of experience within SEO, we have the ability to develop bespoke strategies that not only increase your search visibility on the most popular search engines, but also help you website to engage your customers and covert into results you want to achieve.

We ensure that all of our clients receive a bespoke SEO strategy and our prioritise are based on increasing your websites performance as quickly as possible.

seo agency manchester

  • Researching your customers needs
  • Experienced SEO team
  • Bespoke SEO Strategies
Over the last 10 years, SEO strategies have changed in a dramatic way, now more than ever the technical elements of your SEO strategy are one of the most important elements to your campaign. Ensuring that the major search engines such as Google can easily index, access and value your content is critical to your success.

When it comes to implementing these important aspects of your SEO campaign, our experienced search strategists audit your web properties and deliver an in-depth report. Within our report, we will create a plan of action document, this document will also support our developers and in-house teams to ensure specific and efficient implementation of change.

seo agencies in manchester

  • Ensure your website is accessible
  • In-depth SEO strategy report
  • Specific and efficient SEO strategies
One of the main elements that most SEO agencies tend to ignore is their client’s customer engagement. SEO campaigns no longer just rely on how thorough your keyword research is or how many positive links you can acquire for your website.

We ensure that every page on your website engages and satisfies the intention of the consumers who visit your site. We are able to do this with a combination of website insight, content development and search strategy. Together, this will apply search and customer data to your website’s content and user experience which will leave your customers feeling impacted by your website.

seo campaigns in manchester

  • Engage with your customers effectively
  • Development of content
  • Improve user experience
Ensuring that your website is popular is a major ranking factor for the main search engine such as Google. Google tend to rank the most popular websites and there are a number of signals that they use to find this information out. Website demand, links, shares, mentions and searches are all key and important elements that search engines now look for. We have found that as an agency you cannot truly complete search strategy without knowledge on how to influence these key elements.

With our great understanding of your audience, we develop an in-depth combination of our content, creative, design and PR expertise to produce successful content marketing and data led SEO campaigns. Our main focus here at LDM Digital is not to drive thousands of irrelevant links and shares that will never get seen by your key audience. We focus on engaging your potential customers and ensure to acquire links that will drive relevant traffic which will increase your popularity in a positive and SEO friendly way,

seo agency in manchester

  • Increase your ranking quality
  • Reach your intended audience
  • Increase relevant traffic

All of our SEO campaigns are personalised and moulded around our clients specific requirements and needs, we ensure that all of your aims are met with the most professional approach using tried and tested SEO methods.

What makes our SEO team different?

We have our own in-house experienced SEO team with over 10 years of experience within this industry.


We use a collaborative interdepartmental approach to your bespoke SEO campaigns to maximise your results.


We invest time in research while utalising and investing within modern up-to-date SEO software and idustry leading tools.


Our in-house SEO team are dedicated in producing your bespoke, customised SEO campaigns moulded around your every need. All of our clients receive a professional and high quality service no matter how bespoke your campaign may be. As a client of LDM Digital you will not only receive our second to none SEO services, but you will also be supported with free advice and support on any web related issues you may come across. We ensure that all of our clients are well supported with the most professional advice and service throughout completion and after your project is completed.

We’re not only one of the leading companies in SEO services, Web design, PPC, and Online Marketing in Manchester, we also specialise in door to door leaflet distribution as well. If you’re looking to market through flyers and leaflets our in-house graphic design team can design you the perfect flyer or leaflet and we can distribute them anywhere within the whole of the North West.

Leading Search Engine Optimisation in Manchester!

What sets up apart from our competitors?

Our search engine optimisation teams here at LDM Digital focus not only on getting to the top of the major search engines but staying there too! Our in-house SEO department know that SEO is driven by ever-changing search engine algorithms, which view your websites based on their strict criteria. The search engines assess your website on how you fulfil these criteria’s and this is how your website is positioned and this is why SEO is now both hugely competitive and multi-faceted.

It takes a disciplined, organised, structured and thorough understanding of the ever changing SEO world to create an SEO strategy that will truly deliver the results over and over again for a client. With years of experience our professional SEO teams can review and breakdown your website to see what criteria you are missing to maximise your SEO.

You can have the best website selling wonderful products but if nobody can find it, then it’s useless!


Organic search, is marketing space that cant be bought! As a website owner you will already know that natural visibility on search engines is one of the most competitive marketing spaces. As experienced SEO specialists we know it takes ongoing commitment with a researched strategic plan to reach those intended heights. To achieve this feat it does take some time and will not happen overnight; however, if you get it right, then it has great potential to transform your site.

  • Organic search results are the most trusted and define you as an authority.
  • 70% of searchers choose organic results over sponsored search results.
  • Visitors who find your website through organic search engine listings will spend more time on your site.
  • Most of your customers use search engines to research services, products and brands.
  • Organic search traffic has a higher conversion rate than other sources.


What are your goals?

We have had varied requests and goals set by our clients here at LDM Digital, and being one of the leading SEO agencies in Manchester we are used to the most bespoke objectives. Now it’s good to deliver positive results during your project, but if those results are not driving you a return on your investment, then there is no point in starting your strategy in the first place. This is the main reason why LDM Digital’s SEO professionals start with your ROI as one of the main driving factors to your project.

We understand that every business we would for is unique. Therefore as a market leader in Manchester, we always start by learning about your business as a whole. Our SEO teams will work with you to fully understand your goals, objectives and what’s most important to you. Our team will then review your information and produce a tailored SEO strategy that will convert visitors to your site into income for your business. As an SEO company, we will look at your market in detail and ask the right questions. Who are your key competitors? What is the competition?

From this initial immersion into your company, we are able to build a tailored, custom built strategy based on our understanding of your organisation, your industry and our in-depth knowledge of the key influential SEO factors.

A Bespoke Solution

At LDM Digital we produce innovative, in-depth research personalised optimisation and detailed reporting which results in a great return for every single click. This process will highlight exactly where you are making the most return on your investment, we ensure that no stone is left untered in terms of tracking across desktop, mobile search or social media metrics, we will understand and report.

If you’re worried we wont be able to handle your SEO campaign size, then think again! We have been developing and producing result after result for our high-end clientele. With our teams of experienced professionals we can guarantee that you will receive a tailored solution that will be moulded around your exact needs.

All of our clients receive here at LDM Digital receive a different eco structure and will utilise different digital marketing techniques that drive their structure. We are experts in many different sectors of marketing, both online and offline, and our SEO agency in Manchester can therefore utilise this knowledge, driving up your return on your marketing investments.


seo agency manchester

Flexible & Focused Approach

Flexibility and focused search engine optimisation describes the processes we have developed to ensure that flexibility is at the core of our seo campaigns. This enables us to react when search engines introduce new algorithms/changes which it does do on a regular basis.

LDM Digital have been working in this industry for over 5 years and during this time we have navigated our clients through many search engine updates. Based on our professional experience within this industry we have developed processes that enable us to continuously adapt to our campaign development and planning.

With a deep understanding of the fundamental principles of organic search engine optimisation allows our company as a leading seo agency in Manchester, to provide constant foundation for our approach. As SEO changes through a periodic and unplanned update process, our approach of smaller ‘adjustments’ based on strong principles enables us to take advantage of the latest opportunities, rather than being penalised by them.

If you would like any further information, advice or tips on website design, please feel free to contact our customer service team directly on 0161 923 6877 to speak with one of our advisor’s.

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