The Salford University Unite Scheme is a programme that our company worked along side with to develop new websites with funding for the clients. The scheme works with new web development businesses who can meet strict deadlines and meet the requirements provided by the clients.

As an already established web design company, we worked along side he Unite scheme for around two years developing and improving over 10 websites, giving clients the website they have been trying to achieve. Each and every website had its own specific requirements which did make the projects challenging but we always overcome any issues we may have had to meet every deadline we was given.

Take a look below to see some more information on the scheme and to view some examples of our work.


What does the Scheme offer?


The Salford University Scheme offers a programme designed to help new and existing businesses to develop a new website with the help of new web design agencies.

  • Free Business Websites
  • Web support for Businesses
  • Opportunities and web experience
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Client Testimonial

“….” Pam Mullins, Salford University