Looking to setup a Pay Per Click Advertisment Campaign

Just like all forms of marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), isn’t a ‘magic solution’; it takes careful analysis of search trends and traffic patterns to fine-tune the process to be specific to you. Our Google PPC team use sophisticated analytics to test which PPC keywords and content deliver the best results among your audience. What is a PPC campaign? A PPC campaign are advertisements that are either in the top 3 results on Google or along the side. Ads are created to promote your company, products or services and these ads are triggered by particular keywords that are targeted. A monthly budget is allocated for a PPC campaign which is used as and when your ads are clicked…guaranteed visits to your website. How much does a PPC campaign cost Each campaign vary on price depending on the industry. Cost per clicks range from £0.10p onwards, but we can help determine what budget is needed to become an effective campaign.

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